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Agent Scarecrow 2: Aggressive Shopping

Green is the new black...

Woah! That was a narrow escape... Mike is now on his way to meet with Kat or Jim, firmly decided to investigate the disappearance of his friend Peter and shed lights onto the whole Scarecrow thing.

Have you lost your PASSWORD? Either play Chapter 1 again or beg for one in the Forum. Agent Scarecrow, is a "choose your own" actionventure game.

Play the game: Agent Scarecrow 2


  • Park: Apartment A7 by Sekehm
  • Restaurant: Drops of life by Gillenium
  • Mall: Caribbean sunflower by No1r
  • Shop: ELECTRO beat by FDA
  • Villain theme song: Dark pulsation by Loogiesquared
  • Drive: Endless handbag by FDA
  • Outro / credits: The yummy muffin by Rig